Saturday, February 6th

On November 7th, Rich Tardy, long time friend to many, bartender of local fame, and former stage-slaying-frontman, suffered a setback in life after being hit by a car in a crosswalk in Northampton. It couldn't kill him, but he did incur some significant injuries, causing him to basically learn how to walk again. 

This isn't the kind of injury you just get back up from- it's a life changer. Rich has always been in good shape and stays in good spirits, but we know that the road to recovery will be long and expensive.

Now, Rich isn't a man for charity; he's a hard worker, a hell of a bartender, a sports enthusiast, and a good dude. He loves to travel, to experience life, and is always "in motion". If you're his friend, you know he enjoys sharing experiences with excitement and passion, and his friendly, caring nature and ability to make lasting friendships is a testament to his character. 

During this critical time of figuring out lawyers and doctors, recovery, health insurance and co-pays, combined with the total inability to earn an income for half a year, or more...we've decided to lend a helping hand.

On Saturday, February 6th, we're getting down with some music, food, and spirits to raise a bit of coin to help him get through this ordeal. Come out, eat, drink, and party to lend your support. The musicians performing with their bands on this night have torn up stages with Rich at various points in recent history. 

Friends, please SHARE THIS EVENT. 



$10 - $20 donation is appreciated. Beer provided by Fort Hill Brewery.

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