Wednesday, July 1st

Summer has been going sweet, the sun has been shining, you have been playing hacky sack like a mofo and now you need to take a break from the sack to check out some of the coolest bands...

The Lentils
These guys work really hard. They get things done. They don't know GW bush but maybe one of them is a reptilian. Can you guess which one?

Grape Room
I don't know if these guys were GW's roommates, but they sure know how to hacky sack! They even wear hats that make their heads look like hacky sacks. You gotta see these hats. Everybody's talking about them. Decide what you think about the hats at the show and let the friendly staff at the 13th floor know about it. (jazz music)

Elisa ambrogio
One of our favorite live bands, Magik Markers' Elisa Ambrogio's first solo performace at the 13th Floor! She has a farily recent album about on Drag City - The Immoralist that you got to check out if you haven't already! (mostly non-jazz)

*****JUST ADDDED*********
Western Mass Punk played by all nice ladies.

Doors: 8:30pm
Music Starts: 9pm
Music Ends: 11:45pm

21+ = $6.00
18+ = $9.00

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