Tuesday, March 10th

Stash Spot Ent. presents Gift Of Gab.. Landon Wordswell & SHEA.. LE Purpose.. Sydetrakk Ent.. Miller.. Gnarland.. Music by Benny Black.. $10/$13 for 18 

GIFT OF GAB: 1 half of the Legendary Hip Hop group BLACKALICIOUS , Gift Of Gab is internationally recognized as 1 of the greatest lyricists and performers of all time. He is often praised by critics for his rapping skills – Allmusic says he is “one of the very finest MCs to ever pick up a microphone”,[2] “one of the best underground rappers in the business”,[3] “his raps are jam-packed with internal rhymes, allusions, metaphors, ten-cent words, and amazing tongue-twisting feats of skill”,[4] and he has been able to “redefine the art of lyrical technique”.[4] Peter Shapiro describes him as “a walking encyclopedia of MCing styles”,[5] Pitchfork Media refers to his “astonishing verbal dexterity and enunciation”,[6] Popmatters says he has a “nearly impenetrable reputation for style and innovation”,[7] and Stylus Magazine calls him “one of the top MCs in the game”
Dont miss an extremely rare and intimate performance by a legendary west coast emcee. 

Also rounding out the bill:
Landon Wordswell & SHEA(Oregon)
LE Purpose
Sydetrakk Ent
Presale tickets are available and highly recommended. Sponsored by AKAME GLASS

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