How can my band play at the 13th Floor Music Lounge?

1. We mainly have shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
     (If there is a show that will be on a larger scale , we
      could make an exception to this)

**THURSDAY SHOWS TEMPORARILY were not being booked, but this night is possibly coming back weekly!!** if you would like to play a Thursday in the future please contact now.

2. Thurs shows are 9pm - midnight.
     Fri & Sat shows 9pm - 1:30am

3.  We try to have at least 2 or 3 bands on a Thurs night show.
     And 3 or 4 bands on a weekend show.

4.  If you are a touring band from out of town that does
     not have a national following, we will listen to your
     music and see if you may fit on a bill that may already
     be in the works.  Otherwise we ask you to do a little
     research and contact bands that are local to W.Mass
     and see if they would be interested in playing a show
     with you and help set up a show.  **If you simply contact
     us and you are not from the area , it's nearly impossible 
     to just set up a show for you without ever hearing you***.

5.  How do we pay bands? When setting up a show we
     let you determine your own cover charge. The club will
     take the first **$75.00 ,
 that is collected at the door, the rest of
     the door money will be given to the bands. This amount
     can be distributed accordingly. *We encourage local bands
     to try to give the majority of the money to any touring
     bands or bands that drove the further distance ( to help
     pay for gas, ect).**

      Example -- if the cover is $10.00 and 50 people pay at the door
                =    10 x 50 = $500.    
                       $500 subtract $75 club fee
                =     $425 to be distributed amongst the bands.

                              Very simple and fair.

**I know this has recently been increased from $60, but the club costs were simply not enough to cover expenses, we had not much choice but to have to raise this in order to continue doing shows with in the club's budget.

6.   Can shows be 18+? Most of our shows are 21+. But
      if you would like a show to be 18+, it must be approved
      in advance. An additional $3.00 charge will be added to
      all 18+ covers. (This additional fee will be collected by
      the club) -the remaining cover would be given to the

7.  We ask for bands to load in at 8pm. (Unless otherwise
     noted). You can load through the back deck.

     *****Any other questions feel free to ask*******


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