Thursday, November 6th

Screw this rain...come out anyways to this rad show tonight at the 13th Floor!!
$5 21+
$8 18+
Doors @9, show starts shortly after!! 
The Leafies You Gave Me- A 9 piece avant-garde music and theater ensemble/cult from the not-so-happy valley. An eclectic array of genres covering everything from pop to free jazz to hardcore. Stage shows have been referred to as “Broadway On Acid.” A series of interconnected stories create a unified experience dealing with topics such as organized religion, anxiety disorders, gender roles, castrati, and maybe even a little romance. Think high school drama club meets Mr. Bungle. Props, costumes, and THE GIANT CLAM! Everything is not going to be alright! But Leafies strive to make this world a better place for you and me to live. Join us in our fight against the Happy New Beard's club and help us bring down their senseless homophobia, intimidation, and ridiculous assumptions about gender! You might even get a leafy.......

Wishbone Zoƫ- A teller of stories, a rummager of the discarded tragedies and hopes of human beings, cyanide devourer, ex-roller coaster line-pass negotiator, charmer of coyotes, sidewalk-licking, slop-delivering, claw-dancing, slap-happy Sky Child, a solo act, a band, an orchestra. Using a collection of assorted bottles and electric drills, banjos and guitars, a megaphone and a coconut kalimba, she manipulates the word into fire and the note into smoke.

Breadwinner- Formerly known as Eljebel

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