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Hey folks. A guy named The Otter (also Named Robert Robinson) works here. He's good at ping pong. REAL good. He bartends, charges no cover, beats all (most) comers on the ping pong table, sets up Atari to play, and people come and get down...damn good hangout on an early Sunday eve.

More fine-tuned details below:

"The fun tradition that used to take place @ the Elevens will be reborn this Sunday at the awesome 13th Floor Venue. For those of you who haven't been to the 13th Fl yet, you should come down and check it out! The ping pong table will be set up, there's pool, there's an Atari set up to the flat screen, there's great food from JJ's, and a sweet bar just a few feet from the ping pong table. Bring your ipod with a playlist and we can hook it up to the PA. Hope to see some old faces from the past and also hope to see some new faces/competition! If you are unsure how to get here, it's Above JJ's (used to be Silk City/behind Miss Flo's diner in downtown Florence. Just a few minutes drive from downtown Northampton and about 15 minute bike ride on the bike path."

~The Otter

6:00-ish // No Cover

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