Tonight: Promotorhead Entertainment Presents: Mothman Apparatus // Dystrot // Disguise The Curse // Halfhearted Comeback

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Sooooo...TONIGHT. Yes, tonight!... Promotorhead Entertainment is steamrolling in to help melt your faces for the long weekend(who needs em' anyway???), in proper Promotorhead style, of course. It's very simple: Great bands performing ass-kicking masterfully-performed heavy-adrenaline-filled music in showcase-event form. Everyone loves this. Get your ass here and party!!

The bands:

MOTHMAN APPARATUS - Rock music with a slightly odd twist to it

DYSTROT (VT) - Heavy...brutal, yet thought provoking and emotional as well.

DISGUISE THE CURSE - An ass-kicking Heavy metal band

HALFHEARTED COMEBACK - Hardcore. Metal. Hardcore metal.




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