Tonight: BEIGE (Steve Westfield's 8 piece Ska Band) // PURE ELECTRONIC MUSIC ORCHESTRA // FREE RANGE CATS // BELL & HOWL

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TOnight's event reeks of the "oh-shit,..if-I-go-to-this-I'm-going-to-have-a-super-great-time!" vibe. SO COME HERE, tonight, AND REVEL IN THE PARTY THAT BEIGE (Steve Westfield's 8 Piece Ska band, that's awesome, and only plays a few times a year. Right, ..don't miss the fun) / PURE ELECTRONIC MUSIC ORCHESTRA (an orchestra that makes it's lavish music, electronically -strictly.) / FREE RANGE CATS ( afro-beat groove!) / and BELL & HOWL (projectionist. yeah, that's right..) CREATE FOR YOU!!! .do it. TONIGHT.

A message from Steve: ----> "Hi there, Happy Valley. I've have tried to keep you all entertained for 30 years and.... Now the ska- dub project BEIGE is doing its spring gig (4 times a year is our max these days). We're doing our thing from 10-11 ish. Tom will start a sax fire. Dave is flouting himself. Johnny will be smiling on bass. I promise some jumping. $1 off for anyone dressed in complete beige, and I will more than likely buy you a beer - unless there's too many of you. Thanks: and let's have some kicks again. "

Additional reasons to come tonight:

Full, wonderful, bar.

Sultry, smooth party atmosphere.

Great music (shit, we already said that..)

Awesome musicians (possibly could have been surmised by the references to "great" music?)

Comfortable, breezy outdoor deck!

Drinking while enjoying music on a cool Spring evening is fun!

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

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