Tonight (10-1:30): New Stone Book Release, Featuring: New Sun // Slorg // Brain Mountain // Eldarweej

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Tonight, a night of ridiculous flair! The Crazy Wisdom Poet, Matt Forbes, is releasing a book of poetry called New Stone!!! Is he crazy?? --maybe...depending on your views of "crazy". Is he wise?? ...again, depending on your definition of "crazy" he a poet?? Hell yeah he's a poet (and a cool dude to boot!)...he's brought in musical firepower in the form of New Sun --experimental/free-form music that will inspire you to....ROCK. He's brought in Slorg --a New Wave-esq/rock-esq/fun-esq quartet of male models. He's also got the wild and awesome Brain Mountain and Eldarweej (fabulous singer/songwriters --not like most singer/songwriters, mind you. These fellas also have a bit of the "Crazy" going for them, you'll see)

The action starts promptly after Dr. Sketchys!

21+ / $5.00 / 10pm

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