Tonight: Mang (A Tribute to WEEN) // Mike ESss // The Saturday Nights

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Well well well well...a sweet, sweeet show for you tonight folks. IF you like WEEN you'll be in Heaven tonight, with Mang, an awesome WEEN tribute, just happening to be on our stage tonight. --And a Mike ESsss solo set!! ..Wait, just said who is Mike ESss??? It's Mike Stitzinger, of Space Captain fame, of course!! He's going to melt your brain with music from his own brain, it will melt you...dammmit already used that line!! ..Also, The Saturday Nights are coming in with their 60's-esq-garage-indie-pop songs to get you all excited while you begin your super-fun night here with us.

MANG - - ManG is a NJ based band. They play the brownest, heaviest and most obscure music written & recorded by WEEN ~

Mike ESss - Doesn't have links to his music. He doesn't need them. YOU do.

The Saturday Nights - - Indie rock / 60's-garage-pop

There shall be some partying here tonight!!!

21+ / 9pm / $5.OO

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