Tonight: Home Comfort // Spectre Folk

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Wednesday night. A great night to, ...a VITAL night to unwind --and enjoy some fabulous music! in our dimly-lit, sexy and intimate atmosphere no less!

Home Comfort is a band of masterful musicians: Matt valentine (, John Moloney (, Orion Russell Zzones, Local Gyro, studio musician), and Adam Langelotti (Sore Eros, studio musician). They have more talent than most bands are supposed to have, and They take you down a psychedelic/rock avenue that will resonate within you for some time after you see them perform (damn...that seemed well-written. No?) Anyway. they've got two sets tonight and you should come here and get down. And wait! They always host an awesome band or two on these monthly residency shows...this time they've invited Peter Nolan's amazing band Spectre Folk to grace your ears with more psych wonderment. Sick!

If you truly love great music, then get here this evening and enjoy!

Home Comfort - can only be seen live to hear their music. So do it.

Spectre Folk -

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