Tonight: Gone By Daylight // The Wild Waiting // Fighting Giants // Drained Glory // Flown Past

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It's Friday night. You need to be in a sexy, dimly lit, cool-looking bar where rock bands are rocking you. That place is here, tonight...with the bad m0-FO's in Gone By Daylight and The Wild Waiting (formerly Halfway To Avalon) from Boston, who are kicking their tour off right here with us. And they brought in some extra firepower in the form of Drained Glory, Fighting Giants and Flown Past to melt your faces. Damn... Get your butt in here and do some partying!

Gone By Daylight - Rock.

The Wild Waiting (Boston) - Rock, and roll. -

Drained Glory - Alternative/pop punk. -

Fighting Giants - Rock. -

Flown Past - Post-Hardcore. -

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

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