Tonight: Anders Birthday Blowout w: Z3! and more!

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Woah.....buckle up because tonight, right here, there is a hot party with cool/fun people, and an amazing band. Seriously, the band, Z3, will blow your mind. Z3 is comprised of three sick musicians: Beau Sasser, Tim Palmieri, and Bill Carbone. In "Z3" they play funked out covers from the Beatles to Zappa, to perfection. (yes,'s awesome as hell!) Now, the mastermind behind this party is none other than Anders Warringer, a slick musician himself, and a very cool dude. Anders has a ton of friends who will be partying here with him tonight in celebration of his birthday. YOU are welcomed to join in the good times tonight ---SO DO IT!! And now, a few words from Anders:

"The 2nd Annual Birthday Bash is back and blowin up! For those of you who joined Beau Sasser, Smack My Bishop (w/Primate Fiasco Horns) and I and I last year at Snowzees, you’ll remember the debaucherous tomfoolery, harmonic ecstasy and drunken funkin fun, unless of course y’all browned out. You all my friends helped make that one of the best, most memorable nights of my life. And this time, it’s comin back with a bizzang.

This year it’s going to be straight up poppin with the freshest, most bubblicious birthday band ever - the Z3! These 3 Zappa-tized rock stars are seriously some of my favorite musicians on Gahd’s blue marble, and I am truly honored to be playing human music with them. We will be chewin on every tune under the Sun from the Beatles to Zappa, and we’d like y’all to join us for the fireworks.

The Z3:

Tim Palmieri unlocking the secrets of the guitar for your earballs – The Breakfast (a.k.a. Psychadelic Breakfast), Kung Fu, Beatles A to Z, Tim Palmieri.

Beau Sasser (the Mayor) conquering the grand organ – Beau Sasser Trio, Alan Evans Trio, Sparkplug, Uncle Sammy, King of Funk Night.

Bill Carbone hittin on the pitta pat a ratta tat tat Skins – Max Creek, Miracle Orchestra, Sparkplug, Shakedown, 10 ft. Ganja Robert Plant

Anders! on Vocal transmissions – Llama Llasagne, Ashcat

W/ many a special guests, including: The Primate Fiasco Horns!

Come make beautiful music with us.

Come dance in the light of Love and Happiness.

I honestly can’t think of a better way to pop this birthday bubble than with my friends and family by my side, rockin out with me and some of my all-time favorite musicians.

Come watch the Bubble blast at a brand new bah!"

21+ / 9pm / $10

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